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Sandra Reyes DDS - Mesa Arizona Dentistry

Our entire staff believes in preventative care, and personalize treatment.  We encourage you to read through this page and become more familiar with how our team of dental health professionals can positively impact your smile.  We hope that you contact us for your next dental appointment.

Our Staff is composed of individuals who are genuinely committed to providing our patients with personal care and attention.  As individuals, our team members have qualities that are used to enhance our services by providing the ultimate patient experience.  Together, we join to create a strong team who is able to address your needs in a positive and efficient manner.  Our goal is to create an atmosphere where patients are aware that their needs are a priority

Luz Nunez, DA

Practice Coordinator/Dental Assistant

In December of 2010, Luz joined our office at the young age of 19, upon graduating from Fortis College in Phoenix.  Over the years, she has functioned as Lead Dental Assistant, Practice Receptionist and Insurance Coordinator. She has been an important part in keeping the team strong through her commitment and versatility. During the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, Luz was instrumental in keeping our office up and running.  This allowed our patients access to our team, despite Government shut-downs.  Her fluent Spanish-speaking skills also make her a very critical member of the team.  Luz is one of the most committed and dependable team members we have ever had at our office, and we value her tremendously for that. But, don't let her quiet nature fool you.  She is an incredibly funny person and a down-to-earth personality. 

When she's not at the office, Luz enjoys going hiking, shopping, traveling and spending time with her family and friends.

When asked:  "What's your favorite holiday?"  she responds, "Thanksgiving, because you get a 4-day weekend! Amen!"

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Samantha Reyes

Expediter and Marketing Assistant

Samantha is Dr. Reyes' 2nd eldest daughter who joins our practice in a full time capacity during the summer in order to help us expedite front office and marketing projects.  Under the guidance of Dr. Reyes and office staff, she aids in completing all those projects that seem to get away from us.  Miss Samantha plans on becoming a veterinarian and business owner someday.  Her experience with us will serve her well as she lays down a foundation for her future.

Samantha enjoys sports, reading, writing stories, dancing and spending time with friends and family. 

When asked:  "Who's your favorite parent?" , she responds with a smile. :)

Tabitha "Tabby" Ndei, DA

Lead Dental Assistant

Tabby joined our practice in May of 2020 and functions as Dr. Reyes' Lead Dental Assistant.  Tabby hails from Nyeri, Kenya.  She joined the dental profession at the age of 19, and functioned as a dental clinic coordinator and assistant for over 13 years in Nairobi, Kenya.  There, she managed 3 clinics and 18 employees who served various communities under the auspices of World Ministries International. In 2010, she obtained her Diploma in Public Health, in addition to her certificates in Mission Theology from Pac University and in Theology from Beacon University. In 2019, Tabby moved to the United States to join her parents.  Upon her arrival, she immediately attended and completed the East Valley Institute of Technology's (EVIT) 9-month dental assisting program.  She is Radiation Health and Safety Certified and actively working on her Coronal Polishing certification.  

Tabby is impressive not only in her commitment to the dental profession, but in her commitment to her home community, as well.  In 2016, she co-founded Patann Children's Foundation which is located in Nairobi, Kenya.  It functions to organize events and charities which aid disabled, homeless and orphaned children.  To this day, she continues to serve on their Board of Directors. We invite you to follow her organization on Facebook at

Click the You Tube link, below, to view a short documentary about PatAnn Children's Foundation where Tabby explains the purpose of this charity. 

When asked:  "What is your favorite type of music?"  she responds, "Worship music, especially Kari Jobe."

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Kevin Delgado, DA

Dental Assistant

Kevin joined our office in March of 2021.  He has completed his Dental Assisting Internship with our office and is continuing on with our team to expand his skills and broaden his knowledge.  Presently, he is our Secondary Dental Assistant who is in charge of sterilization, room turn-over, maintenance and support. In time, he will assist Dr. Reyes in other areas including laboratory and chairside. Kevin is an Arizona native and 1 of 8 children in his family.  He understands Spanish well and looks forward to practicing his speaking skills with many of our patients.  Kevin has a friendly and upbeat personality that fits in well within our team.  Being the first male that our practice has ever hired, Kevin is in a group of candidates we consider to be very special.  His work ethic, versatility, and fast learning are qualities that will serve to enhance our office and profession.

During his free time, Kevin is involved in sports.  He enjoys mentoring youth and serves communities in need.

When asked: "Who is your favorite sports team?" he responds, "The San Diego Padres."

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Dental Assisting Interns, DA

Our office is very proud to be partnered with Phoenix area dental assisting programs.  As part of their program requirements, each student needs to complete up to 300 clinical hours in a working dental office so that they can expand their skills.  We value our profession and enjoy having the opportunity to teach and train new dental professionals to a level of mastery and excellence that will allow them to be very competitive when they leave our office.  You can be assured that our interns will provide you with excellent care.  Schools are located in Mesa, Gilbert, Tempe, Chandler, the East Valley and Central Phoenix.


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